Breast Enlargement in ISCARE Prague

Breast enlargement is for women, who are not satisfied with their breast size, have asymmetry problems, or dropping breasts. Women after breast enlargement become more self confident, and gain a new life perspective. The enlargement is done by inserting silicone implants in a way agreed with the surgeon prior to the operation.

Breast Enlargement

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General Information

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular procedures within the plastic surgery portfolio. It is chosen by women of all age groups to help achieve their dream look. At ISCARE clinic in Prague, we have specialists in the field with over 25 years of practice who will personally advice you on how to approach your surgery and what kind of implants to choose.

Generally, there are 3 different incisions possible:

  • Under the upper arm
  • Underneath the breast
  • Around the areola

We perform breast enlargement surgery only to clients over the age of 18 years old.

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Consultation with the doctor

Prior to the breast augmentation, there is a detailed discussion with the surgeon about which approach to take and what exactly you expect as an outcome. You will be informed about the surgery duration, positioning of the implants, possible risks and the postoperative care. After consultation, the ideal shape and size of implants are chosen.

To book an appointment for a free consultation at our clinic, please call the following number: +420 702 147 783 or e-mail: trpikova@iscare.cz. You can also fill in the free form below.

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Before and after treatment

Before the surgery the patient undertakes an examination by our internist (blood test, ECG, evaluation of health status). The whole operation takes approximately 1 hour and is done under general anesthesia. The hospitalization is normally 1 day. After the surgery, the whole chest is fixed by soft bandage. The patient wears a support bra for 6 weeks after the suregry and for 1-2 month no sport activities should be performed since the implants tend to move upwards. In the first week after the enlargement, bed rest is recommended. From the second week you can follow your everyday routine. Radiation or solarium is prohibited for at least 2 month.

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Warranty for breast implants

In ISCARE we use only the best quality silicone implants from the German company Polytech and a British company Nagor. These two manufactures offer a life-time replacement warranty.

The implants are not carcinogenic, have no effect on the immune system and also no effect on breastfeeding or the health of a breastfed child. No allergic reactions have been monitored with these implants. At the moment, there is no better material on the market, which would be favoured by plastic surgeons as well as clients more than the ones mentioned above.

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Breast implants are available in two common forms:

Round implants

  • These implants lay an impression of a full look. They are filled in upper and lower part with the same amount of silicone. The final outcome is round, lifted, and full breasts.

Anatomical implants

  • These implants have a shape of a drop. The upper part is filled less, than the lower part. The breasts tend to look more natural.

We use implants from the German company Polytech and a British company Nagor, whose products have the highest quality. For a surcharge, we can also offer Natrelle or Mentor implants.

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Potential complications

  • Very little bleeding and swelling (lasts for aproximately 2 weeks)
  • During the healing process the scars can slightly change color. This should fade out during time
  • As with any surgery, there is a risk of thrombosis
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The price for the round shaped implants is £ 1.650 and with anatomical implants it is £ 1.955. Breast enlargement with uplift and round implants is £ 2.040, breast enlargement with uplift and anatomic implants is £ 2.295. These are the final prices; there are no additional costs.

Except the operation costs, the patient pays only £ 170 for pre-operational examination, £ 105 for each day at the clinic and £ 40 pounds for the support bra.

You have the chance to choose German Polytech implants for additional £ 170.

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