You are searching an alternative to silicone implants and want an everlasting and natural result? Maybe you have considered a liposuction on your abdomen or waist? Now you can combine both with Vaser Lipo. Your own natural tissue can be used for fat transfer also called lipofilling or autologous fat transplantation. The new method harvests your own healthy fat from the areas, where it’s unwanted and then places it into your breast. The surplus tissue is perfectly applicable for breast enhancement, because of its natural softness and long-term safety. Essentially, no incisions are needed for breast enlargement with fat transfer, as the fat is injected.

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer

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General Information

ISCARE clinical centre in Prague is the first clinic in Czech Republic disposing of the Vaser Lipo technology. The uniqueness of the American method is in the principle of ultrasound assisted liposuction, which enables a gentle liquidation of fat while causing minimum harm to the surrounding tissue. Ultrasound waves spare nerves and blood vessels while targeting fat cells. The fat is than adjusted, preserved and transplanted with thin injections right away, as the results depend on its viability. Therefore, breast enlargement with fat transfer is a minimal invasive surgery.

Studies confirmed the viability of 85% Vaser treated fat cells. In one treatment the breast can be boosted by one cup size. That is the amount of fat, which can be supported by the structure of the breast. Are you uncomfortable with the thought having implants, but want to enhance your breast or balance dissymmetry? Lipofilling is the right solution for upper breast pole fullness, too.

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Consultation with the doctor

Prior to the breast augmentation with fat transfer, there is a detailed discussion with the surgeon about which approach to take and what exactly you expect as an outcome. With Vaser Lipo your surgeon can concentrate the volume precisely where you desire it. Therefore, the personal consultation is that important. You will be informed about the surgery duration, possible risks and the postoperative care.

To book an appointment for a free consultation at our clinic, please call the following number: +420 720 069 955 or e-mail: cervinska@iscare.cz. You can also fill in the free contact form below.

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Before and after treatment

Before the breast enlargement with fat transfer the patient undertakes an examination by our internist (blood test, ECG, evaluation of health status). The whole operation takes approximately 2 hours and is done under general anaesthesia. Advantage of the surgery is only 1-2 mm small punctures. The hospitalization is normally 1 day. Also after the breast enlargement with fat transfer the patient wears a support bra for 6 weeks after the surgery and for 1-2 month no sport activities should be performed. As the surgery is minimal invasive the recovery takes 3-4 days. Your surgeon will inform you about the aftercare elaborately.

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Potential complications

  • Very little bleeding and swelling (lasts for approximately 2 weeks).
  • Infection, but you’ll get antibiotics to prevent them.
  • During the healing process the punctures can slightly change color. This should fade out during time.
  • As with any surgery, there is a risk of thrombosis and embolism with breast enlargement with fat transfer, too.
  • There is no risk of allergic reaction, as only your own natural fat is used.
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The price for breast enlargement with fat transfer is £ 2 930. Except the operation costs, the patient pays only £ 170 for pre-operational examination, £ 105 for each day at the clinic and £ 40 pounds for the support bra.

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