Eyelid Surgery in ISCARE Prague

Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular treatments from the esthetic surgery portfolio, since the eyes are one of the most dominant features on the human face. Usually, we find the upper eyelid surgery to be most frequently requested, but a great effect can be reached by combining it with the lower eyelid surgery.

Augenlidstraffung - vor
Augenlidstraffung - nach

Eyelid Surgery

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General Information

The excess skin is removed from both the upper and lower part of the eye and both the feeling and the appearance of tired eyes disappears.

The excess skin may also limit the vision. The surgeon makes a cut in the place, where the skin folds naturally so the tiny scar is then invisible. The excess skin and fat is removed and the incision is closed again.

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Consultation with the doctor

Before the eyelid surgery, there is a detailed discussion with the surgeon about which approach to take and what exactly you expect as an outcome. You will be informed about the surgery duration, possible risks and the postoperative care.

To book an appointment for a free consultation at our clinic, please call the following number: +420 702 147 783 or e-mail: trpikova@iscare.cz. You can also fill in the free form below.

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Before and after treatment

Before the eyelid surgery only blood samples are taken to be examined. The whole operation takes approximately 1 hour and is done under local anesthesia or sedation.

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Potential complications

  • Very little bleeding and swelling (lasts for aproximately 2 weeks)
  • During the healing process the scars can slightly change color. This should fade out during time.
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The correction of the upper eyelid is £ 385, the lower eyelid is £ 480, and the correction of upper and lower eyelid is £ 810. These are the prices in total, there are no additional costs.

Besides the OP costs, the pre-operational examination is £ 170.

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