Labiaplasty in ISCARE Prague

Labiaplasty at ISCARE clinic in Prague makes a permanent change to your current life. If you are dealing with larger labia lips, or just a disproportion, our qualified doctors can help you redeem your self-confidence. This change is completely up to you and we are ready to fulfill your wishes so you can start feeling good about your body again.


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General Information

The labia reduction (labiaplasty) corrects the size and any potential asymmetry of the labia to an aesthetically pleasing result. The labiaplasty is performed when the labia minora are disproportionately larger than the outer labia.

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Consultation with the doctor

Prior to the surgery, there is a detailed discussion with the surgeon about which approach to take and what exactly you expect as an outcome. You will be informed about the surgery duration, possible risks and the postoperative care.

To book an appointment for a free consultation at our clinic, please call the following number: +420 702 147 783 or e-mail: trpikova@iscare.cz. You can also fill in the free form below.

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Before and after treatment

Before the surgery the patient undertakes an examination by our internist (blood test, ECG, evaluation of health status). The whole operation takes approximately 1 hour and is done under general anesthesia. The hospitalization is normally 1 day. First day after the surgery, some small pain, burning sensation or pulling can occur. Painkillers are normally taken for 2 days and antibiotics have to be taken for 4 days. From the third day, showering is permitted. The stitches are self-dissolvable. Sports like horse riding, yoga, or cycling are not recommended for a few months after this surgery since the wounds could re-open. Overall the patient can return back to normal life after one weak.

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Potential complications

  • Very little bleeding and swelling (lasts for aproximately 2 weeks).
  • Ocassional bruising.
  • During the healing process the scars can slightly change color (brown, pink), but fade out over time.
  • As with any surgery, there is a risk of thrombosis.
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The cost of the labiaplasty is £ 770. This is the final amount and there are no additional costs.

Except the OP costs, the patient pays £ 170 for pre-operational examination and £ 105 for each day at the clinic.

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